8pp Co-Branded Brochure

8-page Co-Branded Brochure for the Columbia Management Learning Center (Columbia Management)

Quark Xpress was the primary software tool used. Some cropping and color correction work was performed in PhotoShop. The chart on page 3 was created in Illustrator.

Some photos were from a pre-approved pool of images. Image searches were also conducted based on feedback from the marketing manager, art director and senior designer.

Cover shots of other brochures (topics, materials and programs) of this series were incorporated into the spread on pages 4-5 to illustrate the breadth of this series. (These 70+ ancillary pieces were worked on and updated with new material and data from 2007 to 2009.)

Although a co-branded project, the colors, fonts, layout, etc. adhered to Columbia Management's brand guidelines.